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Flag of the Arab League Arabic: اسنان جهنم و قطط الشيطان
As-naan jah-hannam wa qitat ash-shaytahn
Flag of South Africa Afrikaans: Hel se tande 'n Satan se katjies! Bianca
Flag of Peoples Republic of China Chinese (Mandarin): Flag of di yu zhi ya, sa dan de mao!
(di yu zhi ya, sa dan de mao!)
Handwriting by April
Typing by Aietra
Audio by Ken
Flag of Croatia Croatian: Zubi pakla i mača Sotone! Satu
Flag of Czech Republic Czech: Pekelnézuby a ďáblova koťata! Twisp56
Flag of Denmark Danish: Helvedes Tänder og Satans Killinger! Mette
Flag of Netherlands Dutch: Hel's tanden en Satan's katjes! Frank
Flag of Esperanto Esperanto: dentoj de la infero kaj katidoj de Satano! Julia
Flag of Estonia Estonian: Põrgu hambad ja saatana kiisud! Tupsu
Flag of Finland Finnish: Helvetin hampaat ja Saatanan kissanpennut!
Text by Mrs Alloydog
Audio by Lasse
Flag of France French: Les dents de l'enfer et les chatons de Satan! Laétitia
Flag of Germany German: Zähne der Hölle und Satans Kätzchen! Sonia
Flag of Athens Greek, Ancient: ὀδόντες τοῦ τάρταρου καί αἴλουρια τοῦ διάβολου
(odontes tou tartarou kai ailouria tou diabolou!)
Flag of Greece Greek, Modern: Τα δόντια της κολάσεως και τα γατάκια του διαβόλου
(Ta dontia tis kolaseos kai ta gatakia tou diabolou!)
Flag of India Hindi: Nark ke daat aur Satan ki billiyaan! Ruchita
Flag of Hungary Hungarian: A pokol foga és a Sátán cicái!
Text by Zsuzsa
Audio by Matt
Flag of Iceland Icelandic: Tennur helvítis og kettlingar djöfulsins! Kjartan
Flag of Éire Irish Gaelic: Ifreann fiacla agus Sátan's cats! mropod
Flag of Italy Italian: I denti del Inferno ed i micini del Satana! Dimitrios
Flag of Japan Japanese: 地獄の牙、サタンの子猫 brehvgc
Flag of Republic of Korea Korean: 지옥의 이빨과 사탄의 고양이
Jiok e ippal gwa sa-tan e goyang-ee (not say-tan)
Flag of Roman Empire Latin: dentes Infernorum felisque catuli Satanae Julia
Flag of Latvia Latvian: Elles zobi un Sātana ka ķēni hudie
Flag of Lithuania Lithuanian: Pragaro dantys ir velnio katèiukai Tusserte
Flag of Malaysia Malay: Gigi-gigi neraka dan anak kucing-anak kucing setan! Cestus44
Flag of India Malayalam: Narakathinte Pallukalum satante puuchakalum
CW Morse code: .... . .-.. .-.. .----. ... / - . . - .... / .- -. -.. / ... .- - .- -. .----. ... / -.- .. - - . -. ...
Flag of Norway Norwegian: Helvetes tenner og Satans kattunger Silje
Flag of Poland Polish: Zęby piekła i kocięta szatana!
Text by Sonia
Audio by Marek
Flag of Portugal Portugese: Dentes do Inferno e gatos do Diabo! Kristina
Flag of Russia Russian: Зубы ада и котята сатаны!
(Zuby ada i kotyata satany)
Flag of Spain Spanish: ¡ dientes del Infierno y gatitos de Satanás! Magaly
Flag of Serbia Serbian: Зуби пакла и мача Сотоне! Satu
Flag of Slovak Republic Slovak: Pekelné zuby a DiablovE mačiatka! Ralekill
Flag of Sweden Swedish: Helvetes tänder och Satans kattungar
Text by Johanna
Audio by Sara
Flag of Turkey Turkish: cehennemin dişleri ve Şeytanın yavru kedileri! Julia
Flag of Wales Welsh: Danedd uffern a cathod fach y diafol Menna Mae
Flag of Nigeria Yoruba: Eyín orun apáàdi atí ologini esu Ifi


But "Why?" you ask! Well, why not? ;) Put the kettle and pull up a sandbag. Are we sitting comfortably? Then I shall begin...

Many, many years ago, to avoid swearing in front of the kids, I used the ye olde English expression "Hell's teeth". Now this can be followed up with things like "... and buckets of blood!" or "... and damn your eyes, man!". The sort of thing you'd expect Harry Flashman to come out with. But, in one instance, "... and Satan's kittens!" rolled out. Mrs Alloydog then said it in Finnish "Helvetin hampaat ja Saatanan kissanpennut!" and low and behold, it worked and still flowed nicely off the tongue.

At the time, I worked for a technical writing company, where there were others who spoke various other languages. I challenged them to translate the phrase into their native language, with the requirement that it had to keep the meaning, litterally: The teeth of Hell and the kittens of Satan. Now, this isn't as easy as it seems, as some cultures and languages do not have the same concept of Hell and Satan as western Christian influenced cultures do. Though, everyone knows (and loves) kittens, right?

So, if any of you dear readers out there in interwebsland fluently speak a language or dialect that is not represented on the from page, and Ethnologue say's there are just over seven thousand of them, then please, send me your translation and enshrine yourself in INTERNET HISTORY!

Can you make a translation in another language?
Please mail me at
and use "Hell's teeth and Satan's kittens" in the email title.


Big thanks to everyone who has provided translations and audio files and to my mate Bryan for the distinguished gentleman's voice saying the English version at the top of the page!

Translations have been provided by individuals who I have known personally and through forums. I only use the name they permit, but pseudonyms are in italic.

To render characters and writing systems outside of the basic US-ASCII set, I use the HTML entity and code. For these, I use the websites: ASCII Codes Table and Graphemica.

For the Flag icons, I use Wikipedia, then scale them down to 13px in height at 96 dpi using GIMP.

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